Etsuko Ichikawa, Vitrified 3118, courtesy of Michael Warren Contemporary, Denver.

It’s spring 2020, and you know what that means. My gallery and museum reviews for Visual Art Source, based in Los Angeles, have gone on hiatus. Closures have hit Colorado, and Denver in particular, as fiercely as any other art centers. I thought I would take advantage of this pause in gallery-hopping to post several reviews I’ve written over the past two years.

Alphabetically, by venue:

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, and MCA Denver, Denver: Clark Richert. Summer 2019.

Denver Art Museum, Denver: Jordan Casteel. Summer 2019.

15th Street Gallery, Boulder: John Buck. Spring 2019

MCA Denver, Denver: Tara Donovan. Fall 2018-Winter 2019.

Michael Warren Contemporary, Denver: Etsuko Ichikawa and Peter Olson. Fall 2018.

Robischon Gallery, Denver: Barbara Takenaga. Summer 2019.

Rule Gallery, Denver: John Fudge. Winter 2018.

Visions West Contemporary, Denver: “Docufiction” group show with Julie Blackmon, Drew Leshko and Travis Walker. Spring 2019.

Walker Fine Art, Denver: “Layers of Existence” group show. Winter 2019.

William Havu Gallery, Denver: Yoshitomo Saito. Winter 2019.

Header art: Thuong Nguyen, Sentimental Journey (detail), courtesy of Royse Contemporary, Scottsdale, Arizona.

All reviews published courtesy of Visual Art Source, copyright Deborah Ross, 2018-20.

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